HPV in Perspective


An essential guide for the newly-diagnosed patient, or anyone looking for more detailed, comprehensive information than found in a basic brochure, HPV in Perspective covers all aspects of human papillomavirus infection. This booklet addresses such topics as:

  • Types of HPV (“low risk” and “high risk”)
  • Clinical and subclinical infection
  • Transmission
  • HPV and pregnancy
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Treatment for genital warts and cervical dysplasia
  • Talking with a partner about a diagnosis

. . . and more. HPV in Perspective helps the patient understand HPV, clarify emotions and questions surrounding diagnosis, and communicate more easily with health providers, friends and partners. Click here to view/download a sample of HPV in Perspective, including the Table of Contents and Introduction.

This product is a PDF and is available for instant download when the order process is complete.

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