Questions and Answers About Cervical Cancer Screening


  • I don’t understand the difference between PAP tests and HPV tests. Don’t they look for the same things?
  • What does age have to do with whether or not you should be tested for HPV?
  • Can an HPV test how long I might have had the virus, or if I can give it to a new partner?

If you’ve fielded questions like these from your patients, then you can use ASHA’s fact sheet Questions and Answers about Cervical Cancer Screening. Pap tests and HPV tests can be confusing for patients and they look to their healthcare providers for clear information and guidance. This fact sheet offers that guidance with accurate information reviewed by a panel of noted experts.

Questions and Answers about Cervical Cancer Screening can not only help provide clarity for your patients, but it can save you valuable time by explaining a complex subject in clear, simple language.

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